Beauty Blogger Event!


Well Tuesday night I went to my first blogging event. It was absolutely fantastic, very inspiring and lots of fun! The event was hosted by House Of Fraser within the Metro Centre giving us make up tutorials by Urban Decay and Bobbi Brown with guest appearance British Beauty Blogger, Jane Cunningham! 

Drink M’lady?

Yes please! The evening started with a waiter handing us out a bottle of prosecco and a couple of cute macaroons on our chairs! What a way to enjoy a Wednesday evening!


Just wanna say the macaroons were mega yummy..

 & the prosecco went down an absolute treat!
6:00pm starter with a fun tutorial from Urban Decay introducing some brand new items and a smokey eye step by step!

Learnt. A lot. I’m not amazing with applying make up, I do enjoy it, of course but I don’t play with eyeshadows or different concealers and I’ve never contoured. I’m just a plain Jane who likes mascara and a good bass 😉 who knows, I might give it a go! Any ways… I was most intrigued with the make up finishing spray they introduced to us. Your spray 6 inches away from your face and let its dry for 20-30 seconds and baddabingbaddaboom It holds your make up up to 16 hours! The UD high lighter is also a long wear beauty product which I’m interested in purchasing as it holds for up to 8hrs and is a multi base. You can use it for eyeshadow, cheek bones and jawline. 

Very interesting but not really me. At all. I was much more taken in by the Bobbi Brown tutorial. I find Urban Decay more for a mega night out or fancy dress – do not mean to offend at all – but that’s the only time I’d wear as much make up! 

Moving on swiftly….

Jane Cunningham!

 Jane was an absolute doll! She was amazing and very inspiring! Her knowledge on beauty products is unreal! She answered our Q’s and Q’s sent to her on Twitter which we probably wouldn’t think about asking until we’d left the gilding! She was very encouraging and asked us a Q that was really interesting to hear everyone’s answer! 


You’re stranded on a desert island .. What one beauty product would you need? 

Juleighs Answer 

My Chanel noir mascara. 

All. I. Need. 

What would you guys pick? Pure curiosity!?

Jane wrapped everything up and introduced a Bobbi Brown MUA who was absolutely stunning. She was hilarious too! Which made the tutorial even more fun!


The Bobbi Brown tutorial Had me. I think I’ve fallen in love with the brand! Why don’t I ever venture out on beauty products! I’ve always stuck with Chanel and Maybelline! Well not anymore! Everything Hannah used .. I wanted! From the primer to the new powder and even the pallets with every foundation colour ……. Yeowza! Most of all.. The gel eyeliner was the product I needed which I will be purchasing very soon!

Such an amazing evening!! 

We all got another bottle of prosecco and as the event came to an end we got a prize of a goody bag! Full of samples and products worth up to £30! Even a free facial.. Which I will be using.. Very soon.. !!


I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, was grateful for such a fantastic opportunity and can’t wait for the next event!

What’s your guys’ views on Urban Decay and Bobbi Brown? Any other beauty brands I should try?!

Happy Friday! 

Jules x 


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