Sunday stuff! 

Well it was payday Friday..

So of course I treat myself! Here’s to a weekend I’ve had stress free, first time in forever I’ve actually had a full weekend off.. Next week is the same! Cheese and rice I’m blessed!

OOTD – Sunday!

I decided it was time for some floral. These flare floral trousers and some floral shorts are the girlies the items I own! These pants are hands down the comfiest, feel like you’re walking around naked in them! Breeeeezeeeey. 

The tee is me.. You can put bets on that this phrase will come out of my mouth on a daily basis. I’ve cut right down though, I now only drink 3 – 4 cups a day! Don’t ask what I drank before……..

The pants – primark (2 yrs ago) £10

The Tee – primark £3!

The mug – primark £1.50 

Seem to have had a primark hall lately with my budget shopping… I need to practice Savin and quick! Any tips?!

But before you give me any tips I did an oops.. To be fair I had money on my beauty card which went towards it.. And I love collecting my ltd ed Chanel beauty products and I shouldn’t really need to explain myself once you guys see what I purchased.. You’ll all just agree! 



Isn’t it just beautiful ..

Sunrise Trip £18 Chanel Spring 16 collection L.A sunrise.  Ltd ed. absolutely stunning colour and only needs two layers if that. Pure gloss effect and reminds me of cadburys chocolate purple. I put it on as soon as I got home yesterday and it looks stunning. Such a bold powerful colour. No7 to my collection! A MUST FOR SPRING 16! The rest of the range is spectacular also! I need a better job that gives me good money!

Chanel nail polish collection!

How lush are these colours! I want them all! This is only the start of something colourful. 

How about this for chic. 

I wanted some sass for my holiday and visited top shop. I came across this stunning skirt and body wrap. Very rock n roll. Curves all round! I felt great! The skirt it so light and hugs my waist. The wrap makes me breasticals.. Lol.. Seem huuuuuuge. They’re really not but decent attire decent rack they say! 

OOTD Saturday 

This is what I was roaming round in yesterday looking for Mother’s Day presents and ending up finding myself treats.. Anyways I was floating round in these light Zara basic trousers , which you could see my calvins through but whatever they’re calvins and I got a good booty!  My Zara turtle neck for warmth and my miss selfridge leather jacket to blitz it. The shoes.. Don’t get me started …

These shoes had my bloody life. Brand new from primark for a cheeky £8. They hurt. I tried walking them in breaking them through and they fought back with a vengeance. Even the tag was preaching that they’re new improved in comfort. Lies. Let’s hope next time they let me love them. They’re so pretty. 


Weekend Over and Out 

Almost any ways..

Meaning I’m back at work 8am in the morning which calls for a 6am alarm. Wah wah waaaahhhh 

Here’s a bottle of white I enjoyed the other night. Is it Friday yet?! 

Hope you’ve all had a lush weekend! Have a happy Monday!

Jules x 


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