Hello Hello Hello!

Let’s feel goooood today! Sunday’s Off!


Sunday Morning’s we play dress up. 

Finally got me a pair of those MOM jeans! I’ve been after a pair for ages and found this pair in primark for ยฃ13! Marvellous! I’ll have em!

Thee Belt is also from primark and was only ยฃ2. Dynamic Duo ey!

C o f f e e e e e e e e e

There is absolutely nothing better than watching your favourite programmes all day in comfy jeans, a bralette and coffee on cue. I tell ya guys I’m LIVEing today! Why? Cause the week ahead is gonna drive me insane! HOWEVER. Friday coming is payday.. I finish work Friday 2:30pm.. Then have the whole weekend off. That is what’s gonna pull me through this week of crazy customers diving in on our mega sales we have on at Debenhams! 70% off… It’s gonna be crazy. I will be in on Friday getting myself some bargains though ! See ya there!

Back to relaxing.. 


I love to play with make up on days off.. And felt great today in my rogue noir by Chanel lipstick.. You know.. Just rockin round the house in denim, lace and lippy.!


Chanel Chanel Chanel! You guys know ok obsessed with Chanel Beauty. The cleanser has to be my all time favourite.. And was probably the cheapest! It just makes my skin feel fresh! Like you’re constantly splashing cold water on your face to wake you up.. Nuh.. 2 squirts of this and we fresher than yooooou, fresher than you , oh! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 


Valentine Rose.. 

Still Going Strong! 


Tattoos keeping me living. 

& a little sometin sometin.. For later… Bubble Love !

Sooooooo… Hope you all have an incredible Sunday! Remember only 5 more sleeps til Friday! Can’t wait to get more money down on my holiday and get myself a little treat for being so well behaved…

6 month exactly til NYC!! I can’t tell you how excited I am!!

Love Love

Jules x


14 thoughts on “Hello Hello Hello!

  1. Loved this! I love plating with make up on days off as well, even when i’m ill! People say I shouldn’t be ill if i’m putting make up on, but I can’t help it! Haha! Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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