Friday + Day Off =

A mega FriYay as the people say!  

I put this little number together last night .. Planning to wear it today. My one day off! But I didn’t wash my hands after applying make up and of course got it all over my white jumper. Rookie. Mistake. However I can throw it together for another day! 

I found this Ralph Lauren shirt in TK maxx a couple of years ago for £55! scoreeeee. My jumper was from a shop that’s quite recently closed down in our area called BANK. It’s a shame it’s closed as it was a pretty good store. Great stock at great prices. This jumper was £22 and it’s cute! But the duo shall await another day. 

The attire I was meant to wear. 

The attire I ended up in. 

Always comfy I tell ya!

It was a rare day that both me and my boyf are off at the same time! We decided to spend it together doing a bit of coffee, shopping and lunch! We met up with my mam and brother and sister too which is always a fun catch up!!

I had the rack of ribs with fries and a Brooklyn lager. I must start eating healthy! 

Happy With The Brows Today Mind…



So last minute I pulled out my Zara turtle neck and primark high waist skinnys out the wardrobe and dressed them with comfy Nike sneaks and a over sized cardy. Felt. Grand. I tell ya! 

You can almost see the purple tint in my white hair here too! Lots of much needed retail therapy was achieved today! Can’t wait to style what I purchased, wanted them forever!!

Proud Sister Right Here!

So my sister asked me if I wanted to see some of her uni work. Yes people this is the amazing work by my little sister Paula (pabbie). She used me as a template for her fashion illustration project at uni and I couldn’t be more proud and honoured of this gal! I wish I looked as beautiful as her drawings but thee outfits she’s used are the ones I put together a couple of month a go. Can’t describe how proud I am of her and what she has achieved. She’s reaching for the stars and that’s where she’ll be!

And before we go.. coffee. 

A large caramel latte please!! Was a treat!

Happy Friday People! 

I have a small shift tomorrow then off on Sunday! Can’t wait! If you’re out tonight have one for me!

Be happy !

Jules x


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