Girl Time. 


This chick finished work at 4:30 today! Meaning she had plenty of chill time.. 

Scarf LoveIn .. 

This is a Michael Kord scarf I bought from t k maxx a couple of years ago. It’s a gorgeous print and I’ve always worn it as an Accessory attached to my MK bag.. But lately I’ve been working it as ahead scarf. I love having my hair back but I always get messy strands here and there. I’m obsessing over it and wanting to learn more wrap techniques… So if anyone is a head scarf expert .. Holla!!

Vintage Vibes 

Is what I got from my look tonight. Boyf’s check shirt and ripped slouch jeans. Rock a billy baby! 

Monday Mags!

Don’t ya just love it when vogue is only £2! Digging all the spring updates! I now just need to be a millionaire… I also picked up the cat for Jack wills and in loving the new collection. I see JW anything and I immediately think comfort. 


Also had time to do my nails this evening.. Even if they’re gonna get wrecked tomorrow with the delivery I’ll have to conquer at work.. They’re still done! And looking fine this Monday evening! 

This has to be my favourite colour so far from Chanels A/W rouge noir collection. Both ltd ed too! Mesmerised!!

Good News, Bad News, Whatever. 

I got potential good news today .. The only thing that’ll help me achieve it is dedication and determination. Full speed ahead for this gal atm! 

No bad news .. Just sounded clever. 

Hope you’re all having a decent Monday! Busy week ahead!

Jules x 


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