St Valentines 

Lace. Ladies. TellEm!

Now I don’t celebrate Valentine’s like most couples.. Me and my guy take the day off together and enjoy it together. People celebrate it in different ways, this i know, however today I could have sworn I woke up on Christmas instead of valentines! Layouts of bucket loads of presents people have been giving and receiving! Crazy times! If you do it you do it though you know as long as everyone’s also appreciating their other halves in the main way as well as this!


I went out on Friday night with my other half for a beautiful meal at UNOs, an Italian restraunt on our quayside! Beautiful! This all escalated very quickly to more drinks around Newcastle. I got very very drunk, I don’t do it a lot but when I do I show the world what I can do. 


I dressed myself up.. All in black as always, feeling a little classy! This whole outfit , minus my MK watch, cost £24! All from Primark too! Some bargains! My hair is fresh! Nice and platinum/white how I like it! 

Draaaanks. Crazy Chick. 

Afte 2 double vodkas, a bottle of wine, shots, another vodka & cocktails later.. This was the finished product. What started a classy night. Became messy. And fun. I woke aching with how much I danced. You know what though… I had a fantastic night with some fantastic people! 

They say 

You can take the girl out of Newcastle 


You can’t take the Newcastle out of the girl. 




Have yourselves a sexy ass day! Love long and hard and appreciate your other 💋💋💋!

Jules x


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