Another Friday off! Lucky gal! However it was needed! I’m doing 13 hour shifts at the mo! You know .. #NYCspends. 

Wacky weekends

I’m having the craziest month so far and we’re only 5 days into Feb .. Cheese and rice. Not a lot going right but I smile through it any ways! 

With having today off and doing 13 hrs yesterday and 12 hrs tomorrow I was just going to relax. But.  I realised its my mams birthday tomorrow so we decided to celebrate today! We went for a beautiful breakfast at frankie and bennys. I got the bacon and syrup pancakes .. The usual.. And they were magnificent!  I went for comfort today .. I started with my Levis.. Then spilt coffee on em.. So went with high waisted black skinnys. It was an all black day..
All Black Everything!  
Jacket – miss selfridge -£50

Turtle Neck – Zara – £12.99

Jeans – primark – £10

Trainers – Nike – £79.99

Bag – primark – £10


Best Barista !

I love baristas who actually make your lattes pretty! This new guy was showing off his skills and I sure had a cute coffee! Caramel lattes are my all time fave! Give me just the boost I need!

So I’m doing a crazy shift tomorrow .. 8am – 7pm.. Meaning I should really be having an early night.. No I’m on the vodka as its needed! I’m off Sunday though! Woo! Have a great Friday guys! 

Jules x



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