Rouge Noir 

Co Co Chanel ..

I just can’t get enough of Chanel beauty! I’ve never had the courage to wear such a dark colour on my lips before but rouge noir has to be my all time favourite! 



I feel like such an evil villain in this lipstick, with my skin being so pale and my hair so white! I always dress this colour with black attire just to add to the badass-ness.. Oh yeaaaah. 

Recommendations …

I only know of Chanel atm which gives me great quality colour. Do you guys recommend any other brands I should try out? Colours? Names? 


Guyyyys!! 200 days til New York! I know I’m going on … And onnnnn but I’m so bloody excited!! I keep adding to my list of things to do but no way is a week gonna be enough! Maybe need a few extra days! I’m also planning another cheeky little holiday for the end of the year! Something for Christmas 🙋🏼


Good night from this chica! 8-4:30 shift tomorrow. Knackered just thinking about it!

Jules x


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