Baby Steps!

Part of my goal this year was to start finding confidence in myself to wear clothes that work my figure. I’m a gal with curves & I always wear tight jeans, baggy tee & big jackets. I’ve always admired dresses & two pieces but always backed down to a jump suit or jeans! I don’t have a problem wearing them but I always turn away the girl chic attire I desire. 


I’ve been invited out tomorrow with my partners family for a meal in a fancy restaurant. I’ve been once before and felt so out of place and under dressed so this time I decided to make an effort and go for it! 

The Idea

I’ve always wanted to wear a black, figure hugging dress with with off sleeves and something just a little below the knees. So sleeves that sit round my shoulders. With some black kitten heels, something chic not too attitude. I’m comfortable in black, it’s very me, safe and I think it’s very classy

The Outcome. 

I ventured to primark as I’m on a budget, saving for NYC spends an all. The clothes there never really work with me. They’re always the wrong sizes or what not but maybe it was fate today. It wasn’t a dress but a two piece! An off shoulder top that hugs my waist and was £4!!! The skirt I found hugs my hips and has lace cut out below the knees and was a mere £8!!! I was just leaving and boom.. Kitten heels, suede at only £10!!!!!!!!! 



I’m very poorly at the moment just getting rid of a chest infection so tomorrow I shall be letting my hair down and putting on some lippy! My body is saying something else but I actually felt amazing in this £22 attire from primark! I’m sure after a glass of wine there’ll be some posing pictures but I’m really happy with what I purchased. Maybe I can eventually find the confidence to feel great in a little more adventurous attire

What do you guys think?! Yay or nay?!

Jules x


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