Purchase Alert 

.. Now.. I know I said I wasn’t gonna spend another penny on little luxuries when I should be saving ever penny for New York City!! 

However.. When I “window shop” in H&M and find this little set… For only £7.99 each! 

But before I reveal… I must admit I am a complete sucker for Beyoncé, her music and items with her lyrics sprawled across them.. ESPECIALLY her latest sassiest, sexiest project. 

You’ve probably already guessed it!

Any ways – – – – 



Simply had to buy! I have the mug also! One of my fave fits is, flawless. It’s an extremely inspiring album. Do you guys like it?

Partition is the sexiest song I’ve heard in my life and jealous has to be my all time jam. I just love it!

So guys! H&M , the Bralette is £7.99 & the briefs come in a three prank for also £7.99. The brief colours of black, to match the Bralette, pink & grey – totally worth it!

Jules x 


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