My dreams have come true!! Today , after 13 years of wanting and dreaming and planning, I’ve finally booked New York City!! I decided any time will be a good time!! So my friend, on the 21/8/16 I’ll be flying to NYC for 4 nights. I really can’t wait. My excitement sitting in the travel agents booking this trip was surreal. I got very emotional. 


City of Dreams!

My Love – Why?

I’ve been acting since I was 4 years old, i studied acting and directing through the whole of my educational life. I have a degree in the art and I love it. I always have. Especially directing. People I know wanted to dance and act In Londons west end , I wanted to be Broadway. Always. It was through the love of drama and New York that I fell in love with fashion. All TV programmes I’ve watched have always been based in America, NYC. I’ve been so passionate about this for as long as I can remember. 


It’s for some it ain’t for others. I don’t want to go to say I’ve been. No the 4 days I’ll be there will be a tester for my future. That one step closer. 

I’ve already had my list, since forever, of the activities I’ll be doing while I’m there but I’m sure there’s a ton I haven’t thought of. I sure as hell will be making the most of it. 

Another love of mine is lights, I love the lights. I’m mesmerised by lights. City lamps all lit up and seen in the distance has been a stress relief for me. So you can imagine what I’ll be like in the city that never sleeps. 


Who even does that anymore?! I’ve always been a light sleeper and my sleeping pattern has always been edgy. I wake up at 6am and sleep around 3 am the next morning.. But I’m good! 


It’s for me – people will forever say to me “it’s not all what it’s made out to be” I’ve loved the place that much for that long I know the city and I haven’t even been. That kinda love!

So yes guys and gals I was one excited chica this morning and I’m even more so excited now that it’s really real and happening! At a fantastic price too! Thank you virgin holidays!


Now time to come back to earth and work my ass off to make sure I got the dollar to spend! Ready to be a queen for a week! 🇺🇸🗽

Happy FriYay People!!!

Jules x


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