.. Sass meaning sat on ass all damn day!

Best way though right?! 


Start of my little health kick.. Small steps.. As I’m such a sweet tooth! My fitness kicked back in today too! With yoga! I mean I need it!! I was so addicted to yoga & Pilates but totally lost it doing hella hours at work! 13 hr shifts are enough exercise in retail!

I’ve finally mastered our new coffee machine too! We got the Nescafé dolce gusto from Debenhams on sale! My parents got us it for Christmas and it was only £45!  Andy picked it up straight away!!



Thee wonderful latte macchiato, First, how fabulous does it look?! You let it sit there for a minute or two, give it a cheeky stir and it is the smoothest, warmest drink ever. 


I went for pure comfort today! As I vowed I would not leave our apartment today as its my last day off before work tomorrow! Wah waaah!  


I got my jeans from New Look last year , the rips won me over! They’re a boyfriend style Mom jean with ..noticeable .. Rips? They’re very cool and very comfortable. 

Thee Shirt I got from Mango in Luxembourg!!! What I’d give to go back to lux and visit my uncle!! It’s such a beautiful place, so clean & friendly.. Probably the sassiest place I’ve ever visited! 

A very lazy outfit but looks and feels fantastic!

You guys enjoying your Sunday?

My day is full of coffee,  watching friends & impractical jokers & my parents are on there way over with a late Christmas present!! Woo!

Enjoy people!

Jules x


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