Finally!! I Got to give the sales a browse today! Managed to get my guy some new work shoes from Debenhams for only £27 They have a fantastic sale on, most sale up to 50% off and some 70% off! Woo!

Hudson Brogues £90-£27! Absolutly gorgeous classic shoes! Right in time for his birthday! What. A. Bargain!

After Debenhams I just strolled round the metrocentre browsing and couldn’t find a thing I fancied. I’m on a bit of a budget too! The last shop I visited was Zara. Now I absolutely love Zara but can’t ever afford it lately. Moving out and doing big gal stuff is hard work! Bills, birthdays & around Christmas sheesh! However I went in and my eyes immediately picked out 3 items, one I didn’t buy was a jumper and it was just to big so I left it. The other two items were meant to be. I felt like a chic princess.  The trousers are absolutely gorgeous and were only £7.99 ! The turtle neck fit like glove and felt incredible and was only £12.99!! That’s right!  An outfit from Zara for £21! The two together look insane too! I pictured exactly what I’d wear with the trousers when I picked them up & when you find that exact item it’s just meant to be! It’s the Mr’s birthday on Wednesday so I’ll be styling them up then! 



Honestly. This never happens to me! I can’t wait to show you guys how it looks on, the photo I took in the dressing room looked class but the jumper is pretty see through so I’m gonna style it with a tight skinny black vest! Very excited mind! 


I always always always buy my diary before the new year.. This time I didn’t! So I ran round a few stores to find a new diary and came across this one in paperchase for only £8! Lucky day! It’s gorgeous & eye catching. Some people don’t like to pay a lot for their diaries but this is totally worth it! It’s got everything you need in it and when, like myself, you use a diary every day, you don’t mind!


 .. So if you still haven’t got yourself a diary get yourself to paperchase! There’s some other beauties there but this one had me.. 



I am planning NYC this year! Finally! If you know me well enough you know my love for New York. I know quite a few people going and they want to go for the fact it’s New York City and they can say they’ve been. New York is my biggest dream, I’ve mentioned a few times in pervious blogs but I can’t stress enough what it would mean to book it this year and go for my 25th in 2017. Just organising it with my mr and the family I cried, it means that much to me. It’s everything I am. Everyone has a place they need to be and mine is NYC!!!

What’s you’re favourite city?!

I’ve been to Toronto Canada, Berlin Germany, Amstersam & London quite a few times!

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!

Jules x


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