Catch up! 


A very late and long blog but it’s been so busy at the Slator/Little household! 

Hey Blondie..

My hair has finally gone white! I love it! Little miss platinum over here! So much volume & its growing yay! Finally. 

So any ways I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! I hope santy was very good to you all as I’m sure you’ve all been very good! The hype over Christmas was fantastic! With it being mine and Andys first Christmas together in our own home we’ve been very excited! If you know me well you’ll know I was quite a laid back chick who done everything last minute.. Including the Christmas shopping. However this year I got it all done a week before Christmas!! Woo! So Andy took me for a celebratory glass of bubbles & a cupcake at this beautiful cocktail bar I absolutely love in the metro centre. 

Christmas Day finally arrived! I couldn’t have been more excited! Andy wrapped my presents in some stunning paper part of me was too afraid to rip it open as its so beautiful and glittery! I was absolutely spoilt, i was so emotional over my gifts, Everyone knows me so well! I got lots of Chanel & Dior make up, alcohol & VIV earrings. I spent the day with the people I adore which meant the world to me. Best gift ever is everyone smiling and laughing. 

Make Up!

Some of the gifts I got! I can’t wait to review them all! I’ve taken a pretty huge liking to make up & beauty care, especially Chanel!



Here’s the story right.. I saved and saved and bought my first pair of Vivienne Westwood earrings two years ago. They were a gorgeous black and gold. I wore them religiously every day, I adored them. When we moved in together I lost one of them.. I was devastated and wouldn’t wear another pair of earrings. I’ve been without earrings in for about 5 month .. I woke up Christmas Day and Andy bought me some new ones!! They’re absolutely stunning and I’ve had them in every day since Christmas! What a dream!

Vodka + Skull = Jules Dream. 

You know from a previous post my love for skulls.. I got the mini version of crystal head vodka a week before Christmas and said I’d save to get the big bad boy skull. Naaaah my guy surprised me with it on Christmas!! So beautiful! & heavy! And yummy mind! 

Just a few.. Of my gifts! Very grateful! Was very overwhelming! Lots of fun to see all reactions to gifts on Christmas. I got my guy lots of gifts to make him smile but the look on his face when he opened his Xbox one.. Priceless. He’s worth everything. Such a perfect day! Everything went just the way I wanted and more. 

Buuuut.. Christmas Day just flew by 😦

The build up to NY however was just as exciting! I didn’t get Christmas off at work so I was in Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.. All day.. Very stressful but I knew my break at new year would make it all worth it and it did! 


Wow! We’re here already!! Well NYE was fantastic! The best one I’ve had ever! It was just me and my guy in our apartment with drinks, music & goooood food! I’ve never laughed so hard, sang so loud, talked so much in my life! We make such a good team the two of us. It was amazing! We’ve noticed we’ve come on so much since last year, we’re such a strong couple. I couldn’t be happier!


We started on vodka and ended up on champagne! We seen in the New Year laughing & loving. I love this guy the whole world & we have so much planned for 2016! 2015 gave us hurdles to jump, events to tackle & problems to solve. We did it. We’ve had the best times also. Moving in together was such a huge thing and we both know it was the right thing to do. I love coming home to this guy, sleeping next to him and waking up to him. I couldn’t imagine life without him. 


So!  A freaking huge Happy New Year to you all!! Be bolder, laugh more & be kind & sassy. It’s sassy sixteen. Only you can make it happen so make it happen! 

So many plans and goals to achieve! 

Enjoy guys! 

Jules x



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