Weekend Extravaganza!

Hey Hey! – Long Time No See! Told you it was a busy week! 



Very Witchy! — 

Here We Go! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend!! I certainly have!! Still very excited for Christmas even though Christmas is coming to an end in retail and we’re preparing for spring and sales!!! Anyways.. Payday came early.. And I got a bonus! So I decided for working my ass off in my new job that I needed something I love..

Treat YoSelf – Always!

As most of you know I’m a little inlove with Chanel beauty & cosmetics. It started with a lipstick.. Now it’s half the beauty counter.. May seem pricey but staff discount goes a hella long way! For Years and years and years I’ve loved the smell of coco noir….. I’ve never been able to afford it with bills etc, so I thought why the heck not. I got the big ass bottle as a gift to myself for Christmas. To me from me.(I love Chanel ribbons too, make my apartment look prettier)


Finally.. I have it in my life and my goodness it is worth every single penny. Two sprays at 7:30am and I still had the scent of a queen 4pm in the afternoon. People complemented my scent all day! The bottle it comes in is oh daaaamn so classy! Much proud owner of such class!

The Girls are amazing at the Chanel counter, they never talk me into buying something I don’t want but advise me on what’s good for me and my skin tone & type. I wanted a foundation to go with the Chanel rougue noir beauty set I’m getting for Christmas and Sandie, my main gal – Queen of Chanel beauty – worked for Chanel for over 40yrs –  helped with the perfect colour for my tone and better to use for my skin as its sensitive. She used a make up remover & cleanser after trying the foundation on me and of my it was heaven! My skin get rejuvenated and fresh. Sooo I bought some of that too.. As well as my perfume and foundation.. And a primer which high listed my cheek bones.. But.. I did save a lot of money and got a lot of freebies 😉 


Check Tomorrow as I’ll be reviewing some of the products I purchased! If you haven’t already tried them I’ll let you know my view on a separate blog 🙂 

Also.. New phone day!! I upgraded to an iPhone 6s. I was gonna get the 6s plus (not knowing the actual size of it) but I couldn’t even fit the phone in my hand.. The 6s is much bigger than the 5s so I’m still really pleased! I got the best deal ever too! A smile goes a long way y’know! 16gb storage, 8gb Internet, ult calls & texts and 2 years free Spotify prem for only £45 a month!! I got the rose gold colour too cause it matched my MK watch!  


Sunday off, Monday in, Tuesday Off , Wednesday & Thursday In – Friday Yay!!

Today I got my nails done right in time for Christmas! This is a temporary colour til I get my new polish on Christmas! But I love them, it’s an o. P. I. Polish but I didn’t get to see the name! They’re quite fab for £20!  


Soooo.. Here I am with a glass of white writing this and preparing for work tomorrow! 8am-4.30pm.. Not bad.. Can’t complain! Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend! Best behaviour mind! He’s still watching!! Check back tomorrow for some reviews! 

Sweet Dreams

Jules x



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