Who are your favourites?

I love reading about mine 

Here’s a collage of my up most favourite designers. All so different and amazing at what they do. I absolutely love collecting books on them , you know… Other than vogue I wouldn’t read anything else. Until I was introduced to vogue on..

Ralph Lauren 

As mentioned in another post Ralph was the designer who introduced me into the world of fashion. I’ve been addicted to friends all my life, I was in love with rachel (Jennifer Aniston) , quite a role model really .. When she got the job working for RL I was fascinated. I wanted to be her, look like her, have her job & live in NYC. It’s been my dream all my life. When RL got into the lift with Rachel I thought he was the coolest guy alive. And my love for fashion expanded ever since however I could never afford any big brands at the time.. It wasn’t until I got my first job I became addicted and so in love id save and save and save to buy the big stuff! Ask for it at Christmas & birthdays but other than that I’ve always worked my ass off to buy! 


Vogue On – Ralph Lauren 

what an awesome book! The whole story – life & legacy – of the man who changed the face of American fashion forever. I love finding out how my favourite designer started out.. Where it all began and I absolutely adore Ralph’s casual look. The book looks into and relives all of his most famous moments throughout his lengthy career and how his relaxed American style is still massive to all now. 

I won’t read into every chapter . If you guys are a fan of fashion & of RL I strongly recommend you purchase this book at some point. I found it very hard to find in stores.. I actually come home one day and Andy handed it to me. So this book means a lot to me! Best boyfriend award totally went to him! 

I have so many more books to share with you guys! Do you guys have any to recommend? 


This is my prized Ralph Lauren possession. I always feel classy in it & hit up with a pair of CKs & Levis.. You can’t get much more American than that?! 

Tuesday Schmoosday

What a day to be doing a late shift! I don’t finish til 10pm tonight! Wah! But I’m off tomorrow and going to have a lot of fun! Like I said previously such a busy week! Wednesday is new phone day!! Woohoo! Although I’d love to be drinking some champ.. I’m settling down on my 1hr break to ofc a toffee nut latte ..


Enjoy Guys! All good things are on the way! Be kind & positive always 



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