I know you thinkin bout..

.. That Alcohol !


Now if ya’ll know me well enough ya know my thing I got for skulls. My dads a metal head / biker so I was brought up rock n roll. I know no other way of life and I wouldn’t change it ever. I’ve always been dressed in levis and leather jackets. I go to motorbike rally’s & I have a huge obsession with skulls just like my pops! 


He’s been collecting skulls and skeletons for years and on my 21st birthday passed them down to me! I love shape, I’m very strange. I walk into a city I look for the shape of the buildings, the halls, the architecture and the time it takes to make that shape. I love cheek bones & collar bones for the shape – I love skulls.  So I got my dad a huge crystal skull vodka for his birthday in October & it cost me £55 so I just for it for him. Sure he’ll give it to me once it’s drank but then these come into my life! 50ml version! I’ve tried it tonight and it’s wonderful! Especially after my first Sunday at work in ages! Very strong but in moderation.. Will last a week! Ha! No but for £6.99, the fact it’s 40% vodka, the fact it’s an actual glass skull worth every single penny!! I will be buying more Friday..  


We’re not finished there.. No! Andy ordered this from Amazon.. Not your average jáger.. No.. Cinnamon & vanilla jágermeister   We haven’t tried it yet but when we do I assure it will be used well. All this poison coming to £24. Not bad hey? We’ve also purchased some exciting prosecco and dissarano! Well equipped for Christmas & new year!

Big week this week!

Very busy, very exciting! A lot to post about! 

May your week be positive! No stress & be kind to us retail folk..



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