Make up maybe


Get it?

So bad yet so good! I mentioned in my last post if I’m not spending well earned cha Ching on Chanel & Dior make up I use maybelline. Excellent make up for an excellent price. I always use the same products & shades but this time I decided to venture out,  it was needed. Still maybelline but new shade, new formula & some primer! And look at the free gift – Santa baby – nail polish! So pretty mind!


Baby Skin Pore Eraser – Primer

Literally does what it says on the tube! I’ve been excited to review this as it was like a little tub of magic!! I have very sensitive skin & my pores can be noticeable at times but this primer created a perfectly smooth base for my make up. 

Foundation – nude (21) 

I always buy ivory as it matches my skin perfectly however I wanted a bit of a tint and this is absolutely perfect. It didn’t make me go orange and didn’t look like a thick layer it looked so natural & I even got away with it with my white blonde hair!   


Maybelline lip liner -(540) Hollywood Red 

Absolutely gorgeous colour – perfect for Autumn / Winter & perfect for us chicas with white hair! A red between plum and burgundy. My favourite colour is burgundy so lustful!

The lipgloss used in this photo is MUA Blaze I purchased it for only £4! It’s a gorgeous dark red colour however I’m going to have to get a new brush to apply it. I used what I had to work with which was the applicator in the tube and it went on in masses! However it’s a beautiful colour, adds plump to your lips and shines for hours! Although a little messy but who doesn’t mind a little lip paint here and there!

A problem for Jules ..

I’ve never been able to apply lip paint perfectly, it’s always been a problem because as a child I had an accident where I felt onto a show buckle and the buckle got caught and went right through my top lip leaving a huge scar from the lip up into my gum! When it’s cold the scar pops right out to say hey remember me?! & my lipstick goes a little everywhere. However.  When I was trying a lipstick my mamma got me for Christmas at the Chanel department .. Very excited.. The mua used a fine brush to apply it and my lips looked amazing.. For the very first time! So I’m meeting up with her Friday and she’s sitting with me and giving me a full make over. So watch this space for Friday I’ll be treating myself to some new make up & equipment! 


All in all my new purchases work a treat and are on offer right now at superdrug, 3 for 2 with a free gift! I definitely recommend the primer!!

Happy weekend all! My day hasn’t been fantastic but I’m still sitting here with a smile on my face! If you don’t laugh you’ll cry!

If your drinking tonight have one for me! 




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