Fri-Yay ..

You know it!

Friday’s off are wonderful, especially when it’s just a day of retail therapy, coffee & Christmas shopping. Goodness I’ve been spoilt rotten today!


Mamma met me and we went for our traditional F&B breakfast. I got the pancakes.. Again.. Must try some tig new next time! The lattes are free top ups too…. Fave!


My outfit is brand new! I got these high waisted super skinny jeans from primark for only £10 & the marshmallow turtle neck for £4! I wore my Nikey’s with today attire so I was at my most comfortable all day, it worked so well!



We popped into work as we have some amazing offer on at the moment! 10% off fragrances and up to 30% off party wear! So mamma got some new attire for her xmas party! I decided I needed new Chanel lipstick & dior eyeshadow… So mamma got me them for Christmas!! Can’t wait to try all my new cosmetics out – there’s gonna be so much beauty to open on Christmas Day I really can’t wait!! 


Mammaaaa ooooo!

This is mamma J! My best friend, my rock. I don’t know what I’d ever do without – we are actually two of a kind. Same person. How beautiful does she look in her boho chic outfit! I dressed her up good in DPs! She loves fashion as much as me and always dressed me up growing up! We’ve had such an amazing day today. Always brings good vibes!



I’m LOVEing my hair lately! It needs dyed again soon before Christmas ..such a faf to do.. May even treat myself and go get it done! The lipstick on is a special I tried today from Chanel……. Christmas all will be revealed. On Friday in going back to see my Chanel gal for full make over & purchase some new (more) products. You seriously pay for what you get with Chanel & I totally swear by it. When I don’t use Chanel I use maybelline NY. Which was also purchased recently and will be reviewing it soon! 

This quote tho..

After a rough as hell week and a tough week ahead today was much needed. Thoroughly. This lead up to Christmas is gonna be emotional and exciting. A lot of hard work put into it! 

Happy Friday guys! Enjoy your weekend! Is retail folk will be working like crazy!



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