Haaaaallloo! New followers!

I’ve been doing so well with saving & with me getting 10 Christmas presents in already..?! I decided it was certainly time to treat myself & add to my wardrobe! All goods in this post are from primark at such awesome prices

Now for the shigs I found this little number very attractive! I don’t talk #cliques #posse #teams no I talk #squad #sasssquad lilbit of a private joke but I couldn’t resist buying this! So cosy and guess how much? £5 -Yep!

I’m loving the cross chest design on tops, they’re very sassy, no? I’m totally wearing the wrong bra with this one but it’s so cute & at only £8! 

   And my outfit today.. As per.. Was all black everything..always.. I’m really vibing the darkest red, blood rouge, burgundy colour at the moment. In fact I have for a while and found some gorgeous turtle necks that colour that I’ve decided I need in my life & will be purchasing them on Friday! Very excited mind!

I’ve always loved my curves I’m quite happy with the way I look – I do however want to tone again.. I noticed my ass was letting itself go.. Must get back to squatting!!

These high waisted jeggings are only £10 from primark and fit perfectly! The black turtle neck is only £6! You can well and truly kit yourself in primarks A/W15 attire!

I’ve also noticed I have a rather large skull! How cool is that?! I’m obsessed with shape! And all the shape going on in that selfie.. So cool! 

Long couple of weeks ahead, absolutely killing the over time but my goodness it’s going to be so worth it! I have not been this excited in so long I’m gonna need what comes out as the end project. You work hard you get! You guys knackered from Christmas excitement?!




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