Crazy coffee lady…

Starting With

My outfit today! Cas as fuuh. I’ve always loved levis from as long as I can remember. My mama always dressed me in levis & wrangler & as a kid I was always sporting converse baseball sneaks. I’ve been in love with Ralph Lauren since I fell in love with fashion a hella long time I go.. I’ve loved Ralph since I was 10 and watched rachel in friends work for him. Absolute dream. He’s so damn classy. To complete the attire today – it had to be clavins. 110% it’s always clavins you want your ass to look as good as these beauties feel. You buy clavins. 


So I’ve dedicated this post to coffee. No reason I just did. I’ve been addicted for about 12 years now it runs my whole system. It was always Nescafé until I was able to afford kenco and a Starbucks every now and then. I’m so huge on Starbucks that I am now on first name terms with the baristas in my local shop. I practically live in Starbucks it’s my second home.. My safe place. I should have shares in the company the amount I go! Wouldn’t change it for the world though. Some people have things to take thoughts away.. I just go sit with my caramel latte & relax no one around and enjoy an hour to myself. People who know me well enough say Starbucks is my church and vogue is my bible. Content as long as I have them in my life. My favourite is the caramel latte, I don’t take sugar in my hot beverages so when I go to “church” I always get a shot! Best thing ever!

However… I go to costa once a year maybe.. I went yesterday with my better half and we were introduced to these.. Sticky toffee latte & salted caramel brownies.. My word… Little taste of heaven. Gives you such a sugar boost me and Andy were on such a hype after it! I suggest you guys go give it a try for the festive season! Deffo a keeper for Costa!



I’ll always return to Starbucks to make me feel better. My fave at Christmas is ofc (basic) toffee nut lattes! My little dream. Cause I know the guys I always get extra cream and sprinkles. Valued customer you see! 😉  

So what do you guys prefer? I get shocked when I meet people who don’t even drink coffee !

And when I ain’t drinking coffee I’m..

  Drinking fine wine at a fine time. This wine was quite amazing! Ewe bought it from waitrose.. We never shop there and on the off chance came across this. Dry rosé at 14% for only £6. Smashing! Wine is best drank with someone you love listening to music & communicating!
Any of you guys recommend any wines? I always like to try different ones! Catch you up!



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