D e c e m b e r 

Count down begins to not only a wonderful Christmas but to 2016! New year new goal & amazing achievements!


I went shopping for our advent calanders yesterday and decided to treat me and Andy to two each.. I mean as you get older that iddy biddy chocolate doesn’t really do much for ya.. Pure greed ey? Haha! Such amazing offers on them though, thorntons was 3 for 2 so I got my little brother one as well! And the Simpsons, frozen ones were by one get one half price in pound world.. Holy moly! What a steal! 🎄🎉

  I also decided we needed stockings for the wall and although they don’t look it.. They’ve already got treads inside! We also had to strip our tree!!! To put the lights on.. So yesterday we were up til way past midnight stripping and putting back together our tree but was totally worth it. 

It’s all done and looks gorgeous. Lighting up the room!



Do you guys have resolutions?! I’ve just ordered a diary and made a list of goals and dates I want to achieve them by! Determined to keep organised next year! We have a lot to look forward to!

Another full day at work tomorrow.. But at least I’m free all weekend! Woo!




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