Winter Warmers

Today I whipped out some true classics. My Blazers are the most uncomfortable sneaks I own but I wear them strongly! Why? They look lush! My leather jacket from miss selfridge is my trademark but the zip on the pocket went today! Maybe a new one for Christmas! I love tartan in A/W it’s always a must. I was accompanied by my Chanel tote From the London exhibition. Very fortunate to actually own one!  
I didn’t last long out today I felt so poorly so as soon as I got back I made a coffee and “treat” myself to (another) salted caramel doughnut. So damn good though! 

  We had my parents over for tea which was amazing! I love catching up its always fun. We had a Devine Sunday lunch made by my other half! It’s been such a nice relaxing Sunday! I love my new job.. Meaning I now get Sunday’s off! I could certainly get use to this! On a late tomorrow though meaning I’m at work til 10pm then back in Tuesday at 8am! May as well just take my blanket and live there! So much over time these next couple of week but all I’m thinking about is Christmas! Haven’t been this excited in a log time!

Hope everyone has a pleasant week! 



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