Friday Festive Fun 

It’s the most wonderful time! 

Today intended a lot of shopping, Christmas shopping! I’m doing so bloody well this year! 7 presents in!!!! This is a girl who does her shopping the week before Christmas so I’m quite proud, I must admit. 

It was a denim & tan day for me with a blood red tartan scarf! This Kors bag is 3 years old too! What a trooper, think it’s time for another so this old girl doesn’t get too ragged. 

  So shopping began with meeting my mamma in the metro centre and we went for breakfast at frankie & bennys, have you ever been for breakfast?! How amazing! Such a great price too! We both got the bacon & syrup pancakes, they’re insane. Top up coffee too! Best way to start any shopping trip!

  Our first stop was debenhams. With me working there I get pretty amazing discount on top of sale prices too… And .. With it being Black Friday.. It would have been damn rude not to! Such amazing deals and offers on everything I managed to get 4 more Christmas presents and wrapping paper. My mam got loads in too! Perks of the job ey?! I live literally a 5 minute bus ride from the metro centre so we took all our bags to the house dropped them off had a cuppa and went straight for round 2 in Newcastle. Naturally everywhere was packed so we thought coffee and cake was the best idea before hitting anymore ques!  

What’s your favourite festive Starbucks drink? Minds toffee nut. It’s an addiction I swear. This chocolate cake is to die for too! I have a sweet tooth and like to try sweet things all the time. This slice is definitely in my top 5.   
Last time we went shopping my mam bought my some Chanel treats for Christmas. Santa has em now 😉 but today she bought me a gift from Dior that I have no idea of! Sneak! But how exciting! If anyone knows you best it’s your mam! How beautifully wrapped is it?! I can’t get enough! Not long till I get to see anyways! I’m so excited for Christmas!!!!! ….

  .… As its mine and Andys first Christmas together in our own home he met me and mam in town so we could buy our very first Christmas tree !! Such a big deal! 

Our decorations are from John Lewis, Fenwicks & Debenhams! I picked the colours! Blue, white, silver and gold.. Not traditional at all but very me, different.we also got 2 birds from Fenwicks which are absolutely stunning, so beautifully crafted. We got straight home and put it straight up and decorated immediately. I genuinely could’nt wait!  I even wrapped presents and put them straight under! Soo..
Tada!! Can you believe this tree was only £40 from John Lewis! This is the start of many together. It has a few more decorations to go, lights, beads & candy canes and the rest of the apartment is getting decorated! So still lots more fun ahead. 

Hope you’re all feeling festive too! Happy weekend! 



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