Don’t Tell The..

..boyfriend yet!

I’ve been watching don’t tell the bride every night after work and became a little obsessed. Watching it makes you think! Let’s not lie I get a little excited when I watch it too! I’m not engaged or anything.. Yet .. But the more I watch the more I think.. The girls who trust their guys to plan their wedding is one thing and to broadcast it is another! I always cringe thinking,’noooo! Not that dress! Not that venue! It’s not a show it’s a wedding! Do you even know your wife to be?!?’  The guys come up with some awful stuff & “themes” ugh! Each to their own ofcourse. However. At the end of each episode the girls always seem so pleased! I’d have died if I got married under water or on a jet ski! Although I’ve been planning my wedding since I was tiny! I always thought I was a tradition girl, church, princess, family and food.. I say thought because I asked my boyfriend Andy what he’d pick for my dress for example. He came up with these..  

My absolute favourite. I’d feel like a queen getting married in this!!


The trail!  

The colour!

The cut!  
The lace

…. Ummmm hello they’re gorgeous!! Not what I’d have picked at all! My boyfriend knows me better than me! So I got the whole point of the show & decided I would 110% trust my guy with something as huge as my wedding day!

All in all left me wanting to get married!! Dun dun dun! Poor Andy! I’m damn lucky to have a partner in crime like I do. We make such a team makes me feel amazing!

Oh yeah!! Hi ! Again:.

I decided to start completely fresh & blog the beautiful moments of my life. 

I’m 23, platinum (huuuur) latte (caffeine junkie) something a little fun! I’m Juleigh-Newmar , named after one of the first catwomen & pinup doll, first name spelt different because I’m different. I live with my best friend & partner in crime. I have a new job as a merchandiser. I’m very happy, very lucky. I love fashion, beauty, creativity & tattoos, metal music and coffee. Lots of coffee. I have a degree in acting and directing, will one day take that further and make it happen. I’m obsessed with NYC, ever since I can remember. I love lights! I don’t sleep. I’m just a chica who drinks a lotta coffee & takes alottta photos!


Tomorrow me and Andy are buying our first Christmas tree together! Full day of festive fun!

Sweet dreams!

– Jules 


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